Late 40's Early 50's J-200, L-5, ES-5 Case
This late 40's early 50's Gibson J-200, L-5, ES-5 case is the perfect case for your vintage jumbo sized guitar with a 17' inch bout. All of the original latches, hinges, and case feet are in good working condition, with the exception of the center latch on the front and the bottom hinge on the back. There is only minor to moderate wear on the exterior, with the worst of it being on the bottom edge of the bottom bout, and the original handle is still in tact. The interior of the case is in even better condition than the exterior. The soft material maintains its vibrant green color, with virtually no rips, tears, stains, or funny smells, apart from a small nick on the inside top of the middle bout. The original protective storage area flap is clean and firmly attatched. All in all, this is a very viable case that would make a great protective home for your old jumbo!
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