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1966 Martin Bridge Pin Set for D-18 or D-28
Original 1966 Martin bridge pin set of 6 for D18, D28. Get that Martin strung up today!


Vintage Original 1961 Backplate for Les Paul or SG
1961 Backplate for Les Paul or SG in very good condition with age appropriate scratching to the front and a name and phone number scratched into the interior of the plate.


SG Back Plate
A back plate for a Gibson SG from 1974. In great condition, with minor wear and no cracks.


Les Paul/ SG Back Plate
A Gibson back plate from 1961 for a Les Paul or an SG in excellent condition. Shows little to moderate wear with no cracks, and has the words "Jerry Stevenson 740-776-3328" carved into the back. Full of vintage character, and pefect for your 61 SG or Les Paul!


Vintage Original 1957 Stratocaster Backplate
This white backplate came off of a 57 Fender Stratocaster and is being sold in GOOD CONDITION.  A few scratches and places of discoloration can be seen on the buisness side, and the top tw screw holes are damaged as can be seen.  Besides that, its a nice clean backplate to make your 57 Strat all original.  

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