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Gretsch Knob Set
 A set of four Gretsch knobs from the 1950's in excellent condition. All of the knobs are slightly worn on the tops, but the arrow graphics are still clearly visible. The bottom of all the knobs are not worn and will still mount correctly. There is no rust or corrosion on any of the knobs, and all of the original tightening screws are still in place. 


1976-77 Black Knobs for Stratocaster
A full set of black knobs for a Fender Stratocaster from 1976-77. All of the knobs are in good, functional condition, and may show age appropriate discoloration to the lettering.


Stratocaster Knob Set
  A full set of knobs for s Fender Stratocaster from 1979. All of the knobs are in good, functional condition, and may show some slight wear or discoloration on the top or numbers. Multiple sets in stock, condition may vary.


Witch Hat Knobs
A set of 4 Gibson witch hat knobs with gold tops in very good condition. The bottom of each knob is in near perfect condition and will still attach to a pot post as intended. A few of the knobs are worn on the tops and the numbers, but there are two tone and two volume knobs, a full set, perfect for 1969 era ES guitars or a Les Paul Custom.


Vintage 1957-59 Knobs
Full set of Gibson gold knobs from 1957-1959 for Les Paul, 330, or 335. Excellent working condition.

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