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Dog Bone Bridge
  A vintage Bigsby Dog Bone bridge form the 1950's in very good condition. The height adjustment screws are in perfect working condition, and overall the whole assembly is very clean. There is a few small bits of moderate wear on the top of the saddle, but it is still in good functional condition. The gold coloring has begun to wear away at some points, but it still mostly present. 


1957 Fender Stratocaster Trem with arm and Inertia Block
1957 Fender Stratocaster Trem with arm and Inertia Block, in exceptional cosmetic condition with wear that is to be expected at this age, includes trem arm. 


1969/1970 Gibson Tune-O-matic bridge
1969/1970 Gibson Tune-O-matic bridge with nylon saddles, in excellent condition with no corrosion or heavey wear.


Fender Stratocaster Tremolo
 A vintage Fender Stratocaster tremolo with arm from 1972 in excellent condition. The arm moves smoothly in its threads and doesn't get stuck. All o the saddles still move correctly on their pins and springs as they're supposed to, and there is only some minor rust on the springs and on the top lower half of the saddles. 


1960s Nickle Bridge with Saddles
This Original 1960s ABR-1 nickle bridge is complete with saddles and wheels and is in excellent condition; complete the restoration of your Gibson with this bridge today!

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