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Original 1963 Fender Catalog
This is a Mint 5 color catalog.Totally original,not a reprint!You would need a time machine to get better quality!


1970 Flattop Guitar pamphlet
This full color pamphlet describes six Gibson acoustic guitars in 1970.

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1976 Full-Color Fender Catalog
This catalog contains the collected works of Fender for 1976.Inside you'll find really cool renaissance style artwork and purposefully halved pages so you can Mate Your Fenders.It lets you look at the instrument and amp of your choice side by side to see how well they match up.It's in excellent condition and perfect for any Fender fan!

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75th Anniversary Gibson Guitar Catalog
This is a really cool catalog.It's full color showing Gibson's full line of guitars in 1978 and with an artist's rendering it shows you certain steps of making and finishing their guitars on each page.There is some writing on the front cover,but it is a very classy and timeless book.


1975 Fender Goldilocks Poster
This original 1975 Fender poster shows that GoldiRocks!This is a perfect gift for any Fender fan, complete with clear date on bottom right.There is a tear in poster on bottom center, visible in picture.

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