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Modern ES 330 335 345 355 Case
Modern Gibson ES case, fits ES 330, 335, 345, 355, in superb condition. All original latches, hinges, and feet in better than excellent condition. External condition of the case is stunning. No seam tears and little to no wear. Has durable original handle. Interior of this case is stunning. No rips, tears, stains, or unpleasant odors. Original pocket cover completely in tact. Perfect for anyone seeking out a viable, great-looking reliable, like-new ES case.


'65-'69 Gibson B-25 Soft shell Case
1965-1969 Gibson B-25 soft shell case, all orginal latches and hinges. All original leather handle, overall this case is in very good condition. There is some tearing to the exterior of the case on the top near the headstock area, but nothing that will be detrimental to the storage of your guitar. The interior is also in very good condition. There is a minor tear at the bottom bout where the strap button would be. The storage compartment flap is still in tact with no signs of tearing. The interior holds no rips, stains, or unpleasant odors. This case is a great way to protect your play at home B-25.


58-60 Stone Les Paul Case
1956-1958 Gibson Les Paul case, a stellar home for your vintage Les Paul. There is some wood showing through where the leather is worn on the lower bout and there is some stitching missing on the lid of the lower bout. All original 5 latches in tact, original hinges in tact and working order as well. One of the original feet is not in tact, original handle is still durable and in tact but the leather is worn to the metal. There are stickers, tape, and writiing on various places on the exterior of the case. The interior is in very good condition although the compartment flap is missing a section, the interior lining is complete although it is torn at the lower bout and shows some slight discoloration. No unpleasant odors. Overall a viable case for your vintage guitar.


56-58 Les Paul Standard Case
56-58 Gibson Les Paul standard Case, A perfect home for your vintage 56-58 Les Paul guitar. This case is in excellent overall condition, there are some minor wear marks on the bottom side bout of the case, however the latches, handle and feet are all original and firmly attached. Remarkable to see the Gibson case batch still firmly affixed to the front side, original leather wrap still covering the handle, and exterior white stiching still complete, exceptional interior condition with no major tears, rips stains or odors.


Late 60's Gibson Les Paul Standard Case
Late 60's Gibson Les Paul Standard Case, black with purple interior, this case is in very good condition overall, it has  all original latches, handle and feet, the exterior has had some repairs to the tolex covering, the white stenciled Gibson logo though faded, is still visible on the top of the case, interior is in exceptional condition with no major tears, rips, smells. Aperfect case for your vintage late 60's Les Paul

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