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1939 Sheet Music with the Microphonic Four
Vintage Sheet Music includes notes on blending tones and harmonies with lead melodies with easy reference charts.Great worldly ad on the back cover.


1939 Hilo Bay Sheet Music
This vintage sheet music has tips for playing, including a few words about accidentals. Great early Gibson ad on the back and a cool song!


Dec. 1971 Guitar Player Magazine
Rare,near mint Guitar Player magazine.Purple cover with special article Folk Guitar in Britain.Really cool find.


1959 Hohner Harmonica how-to book
This little book gives you the easy method for beginners,very easy to read sheet music,and a piece of history.Really great condition,near mint,might have the original store stamp on the back cover.


1940's Secret Invite to Entertainers Club
This historic jem is your invite to a Smart Rendezvous!Rare Memorabilia!What a great find!

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