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B-25 Case
A 1964 Gibson B-25 case in excellent condition. The exterior covering shows little wear, with some minor separation around the edges, but with hardly any noticeable scratches or tears. All or the original latches are in tact and in good working condition, as well as the original handle and hinges. The interior is also in great shape, with hardly any distinguishable rips, tears, stains, or funny smells. The lining is still soft and firmly attached. The storage area cover is also firmly attached, and the original ribbon is still there. All in all this case would make a perfectly viable storage home for your vintage B-25. 


1963 Gibson Firebird Case
This Gibson Firebird case from 1963 is in Excellent condition.  All original latches are present and functional accept for one as well as the original case feet and the original handle which has been covered in masking tape. The outer covering shows minor wear with only a few nicks in the vinyl.  Most of the stitching is still in tact.  The original hinges are present and functional as well.  The interior is in exemplary condition with no rips, tears, stains, or funny smells.  There is moderate separation of the interior on the bottom front panel, but nothing that cannot be fixed with a little TLC.  The yellow lining is still vibrant and shows next to no discoloration.   The original storage area cover is firmly attached, and in excellent condition as well.  Overall this case is in tip top shape and would make a fantastic and viable home for your 60's Firebird. 


1964 SG Standard Case
1964 Gibson SG Standard case, in excellent condition. All original latches, hinges, and feet in tact and in working order. Mild wear to the exterior. There is minimal seperation of the tolex at the seam of the bout. The Gibson badge located on the side of the case in the neck area is still in tact and legible. Interior of this case is in excellent condition. There is a minute amount of discoloring of the plush lining, mostly where the guitar lays. There are no rips, tears, or unpleasant odors. This is an excellent and reliable home for your Gibson SG.


Late 40's Early 50's Foux Gator Soft Shell Case
Late 40's early 50's foux gator soft shell case.  Fits Gibson J-45, J-35, J-50. Martin D-18, D-28. The original latches and hinges are clean and in good working condition, as well as the original handle and storage area flap. The exterior of the case shows moderate wear from use, but the interior is in excellent condition. The dark brown lining has no tears, rips, stains, or unpleasant odors. This is the perfect storage case for your vintage acoustic.


'56-'58 Stratocaster/Telecaster Case
1956-1958 Fender stratocaster or telecaster case, in excellent condition. Has all original latches, hinges, and feet and all in working order. The tweed exterior has some wear. The handle is original and in tact, the leather has worn away some, but is durable as ever. The interior of this case is superb. The plush lining is in tact with now tears, rips, stains, or unpleasant odors. If you're looking for a viable home for your vintage strat or tele this case is for you.

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