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1959 Fender Stratocaster 3-way Switch and Potientometers
1959 Fender Stratocaster 3 way switch with original wiring, original capacitor and 3 potientometers.One of the pots is original Stackpole Pot 304-5948, the others two pots are non-original replacements.3 way switch is numbered CRL1452. This part is in excellent condition.


SG Wiring Harness
A complete wiring harness for a 1968 Gibson SG, with one patent number pickup. Completely original pots, caps, and wiring, input jack, and three way switch. The three way switch is in great working condition, and there is no rust on the pots, wires, pickup, or input jack. The original black beauty caps are still present with unbroken wires. The pickup has never been opened, and has the original cover, mounting screws, and pickup ring. The pot codes read CBA - 811 - 1053 500K. All in all, an excellent rig, very hard to find in this condition.


Fender Potentiometer
Fender Telecaster potentiometer from 1960 in near perfect condition. Linear taper, Reads 250k.


Fender Telecaster Input Jack and Cup
1950's Milled input jack assembley, with device and wiring cloth.


G12H Speakers
1976 Celestion G12H Speakers. 30 watts, 16 ohms, 55 hz. Both speakers have identical numbers, one has slight damage around the magnet cover. Both speakers have date code "F J 2X" and model code T1281.

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