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2000's Gibson Deluxe Tuners
Set of 6 Gibson Deluxe single ring, double line tuners in chrome. Like new condition. Made in Japan. Includes bushings. No rust pitting or corrosion. Clean tuner heads.


1956-1958 Kluson Tuners
Set of 6 original 1956-1958 Kluson Single Ring Single Line Tuners with ferrules included.  2356766 PAT. APPLD on the rear. Excellent condition.


Vintage 1959 Kluson Tuner Tips
Vintage Original 1959 Gibson (Kluson) Tuner Ring Tips in good condition.  Price is for one tuner tip.


Tuner Bushings
Set of three 1934 Gibson or National tuner bushings in excellent condition.


Double Line Tuner
1964-67 Kluson double line tuning machine, professionally rebuttoned.  Excellent condition, bass side tuning machine, perfect for your Gibson guitar.

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