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Fender F Tuners
A full set of Fender, 6 on a side F tuning machines from 1967-1972 in superb condition. All of the tuning machines are complete, original, shiny, and still functioning perfectly. Very minor signs or rust on the back of one or two of the machines, but otherwise very clean. Sold as a set of 6, multiple sets available, may not present exactly as pictured.


2000's Gibson Deluxe Tuners
Set of 6 Gibson Deluxe single ring, double line tuners in chrome. Like new condition. Made in Japan. Includes bushings. No rust pitting or corrosion. Clean tuner heads.


Double Line Nickel Tulip Button Tuning Machines
A full set of Gibson double line tuning machines from 1980 in excellent condition. All of the tuning machines are very clean and in perfectly functional condition. There is very little to no rust or corrosion on any of the tuning machines, and all of the shafts are straight. All of the tuning machines read "Gibson Deluxe" on the lines. These tuning machines have nickel, tulip shaped buttons and include all of the bushings, which are also in excellent condition.


1964-1969 Kluson Deluxe Tuners
Set of 6, 1964-1969 Kluson Deluxe Double Line Double Ring Tuners, tuning heads are firmly attached, clean and in excellent condition. nickle is clean with a very nice petina, no heavy pitting or corrosion.


1967-68 F Tuners
These original 1967-68 Fender F Tuners are in excellent shape, function perfectly with no binding and include 11 of the 12 original mounting screws.  Finish the restoration of your vintage instrument today with these authentic parts!

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