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Gretsch Knob Set
 A set of four Gretsch knobs from the 1950's in excellent condition. All of the knobs are slightly worn on the tops, but the arrow graphics are still clearly visible. The bottom of all the knobs are not worn and will still mount correctly. There is no rust or corrosion on any of the knobs, and all of the original tightening screws are still in place. 


1962-1965 Kay/Guild Clear Knobs
1962-1965 Kay/Guild Clean Knobs, no chips or cracks, all numbers and words are legible these knobs are in excellent condition.


Heritage Knobs
One set of early 1980's Heritage Standard/Elite knobs in excellent condition.


Vintage Replica Knob Pointers
Aged nickel pointers. Perfect for your '59 Les Paul.


Vintage Replica Bonnet Knobs
Dead Mint Club Vintage replica bonnet knobs. These knobs are slightly aged and look great. Multiple sets of 4 available.

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