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1965 Neck Bolts for Mustang or Music Master
This set of 4 original 1965 neck bolts for a Mustang or Music Master is in excellent condition with no vissible stripping to the threads or screw heads.  Multiple sets of 4 are available at time of listing.


Telecaster Control Plate Screws
A pair of screws for a Fender Telecaster control plate from 1955. Multiple sets available, sold as a pair of two.


1969 Fender Strat Bridge Screws
A complete set of 6 Fender bridge mounting screws from a 1969 Fender Strat in excellent condition with no signs of stripping and only minor wear. .


Reissue Bridgescrews
One set of six Fender reissue bridgescrews in excellent condition.Very clean,no signs of stripping,a great set!


50's Bridgescrew
50's Fender bridgescrew in excellent condition.Minor wear on screw head,no signs of stripping.Sold individually.

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