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Vintage Original Wiring Harness
1970s Gibson wiring harness includes 4 potentiometers and 1 input jack, two of the pots have been replaced.  Codes read 1377XXX.


Long Shaft Potentiometer
1953 Centralab long shaft 500k pot. Pot code reads 134320.


Gibson SG Special Pots
These 100% Original 1965 Gibson SG Special tone pots are in perfect working condition and authentic for your Mid-60's Gibson SG Special! Pot Codes read: 1346505. Fully Functional and ready for installation. 500K


Gibson ES 335 Pot Can's
Here are three and a half Pot Can's for a Gibson ES 335.They've been to battle,and they won!Great find.


1958 Les Paul or 335 Pot
This pot has a couple inches of lead on it,works for a Les Paul or ES 335,reads 500K.

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