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Army/ Navy 6L6
 A vintage Army/ Navy 6V6 tube in New/ Old Stock Condition. The tube remains captive in its original box, so it has never been used. The original box and packaging is in good condition with almost damage or wear and still efficiently protects the tube.


Sylvania 6L6GA
A vintage New/ Old stock Army/ Navy contracted JAN CHS 6L6GA tube by Sylvania Electric Products. The tube is still captive in the original box so it has  never been used. The original box shows moderate to heavy wear, but all of the original text in legible and it still effectively holds the tube.


Army/ Navy JAN-CTL-5Y3GT/G Tube
 A single vintage JAN-CTL-5Y3GT/G tube made for the United States Army and Navy new in the box. The acceptance stamp on the original box is marked December 1944. Includes the original box. Tested and confirmed for functionality, multiple in stock, may no be as pictured.


1959 Fender Telecaster 3 way switch
1959 Fender Telecaster 3 way switch in exceptional condition.


1959 Fender Potentiometer
1959 Fender Potentiometer, 250K pot.

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