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Vintage Original Case Storage Flap
This storage flap came out of a vintage Geib Case and is in EXCELLENT CONDITION. It measures 5 1/2" by 3 1/2", has the original Geib Seal, and is still a wine red color. Make your vintage Geib case complete today!


Vintage Original Early to Mid 1960s ES Sized Case
This early to mid 1960s original Lifton case is in very good condition! The case fits ES 335, 345, and 355 guitars and has definitely got some MOJO! The plush yellow interior is in good shape and the smells of the case will take you back to the 60s! All of the original hinges and clasps are intact and function correctly to include the yellow fabric hinge.  Although the metallic portion of the handle is intact and works as it should, the leather covering is not present on the handle. The interior of the case has three small hols worn in the fabric that do not affect the function of the case. The case exhibits moderate wear and tear on the exterior but closes snugly as it should with proper allignment. All of the metallic feet are present and this case will protect your vintage instrument as it should. The Lifton logo is also present on the interior of the case.  Our inventory moves quickly, so don't pass this one by!


Vintage Original 30's Parlor Acoustic Case
This Martin case is for 30’s parlor acoustic guitar and is in Excellent Condition. The black exterior of the case shows little no wear and is complete with all latches, hinges, and the original handle.    All hardware is firmly attached and still holding the case together well.  The leather wrapped handle is held to the case with metal hardware and feels like it could still hold a guitar.   The purple felt interior is pretty clean for the age with no rips or tears, some discoloration, but NO funny smells.  It has worn in places but for the most part is solid.  The original storage/neck holder is still in tact with the cover and ready to hold some picks. This 30's case is perfect for display in your collection, or for keeping your new or vintage acoustic safe when not on the move. Don’t miss this case!      Dimensions: Length: 37.5” Depth:  4.5” Upper Bout: 10.5” Waist: 10” Lower Bout: 13.5”


Stratocaster/ Telecaster Case
A 1963-1965 Fender case for a Stratocaster or Telecaster in good condition. The black exterior covering shows little wear, though is missing the original Fender logo. The original hinges and case feet are present and in good working condition, as well as the original handle which is worn down to the metal. All of the original latches are present and in working condition, with the exception of one which is replaced by a modern lock of similar style. The original white piping on the ends of the case is coming off, as well as some of the covering on the ends, but could likely be professionally restored. The interior lining is firmly attached and in good condition, though it looks as if something was spilled on the interior near where the head of the guitar would go. This case is perfect for display, parts, or a new restoration project. 


Epiphone Seranader Soft Shell Case
1950's Epiphone Seranader Soft Shell Case, in excellent condition, all latches are firmly attached, original handle is secure and all hinges are present and functioning. Clean, vibrant blue interior, with no major rips tears, stains or foul odors. There is a name that was written on the bottom of the case. No rips or tears in the grey covering. Case measures 43Lx15Wx5D. This is the perfect home for your 50's Epiphone Seranader.

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