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Vintage Original 60's Firebird Case
This Gibson Firebird case from 63’-64’ is in Very GOOD condition. Two of the latches are missing their clasps, but all the feet are functional and all feet are present. The original handle is there and feels strong enough to carry this guy around loaded. The outer covering shows minor wear with only a few nicks in the vinyl. Most of the stitching is still in tact. This case’s 4 original hinges continue to hold it together nicely.  The interior is in fantastic aesthetic condition with no rips or tears, a few tiny stains, and no funny smells. The neck rest has a large spot where the carpet has worn off completely, but is a piece that could be replaced.  The wooden framing around the storage area is no longer being held together, but nothing that cannot be restored with a little TLC and a couple of furniture nails. The yellow lining is still vibrant and shows next to no discoloration. The original storage area cover is firmly attached, and in excellent condition as well. Overall this case is in awesome shape and would make a fantastic and viable home for your 60's Firebird! Dimensions:     44” L ,  14 ¼” W,   3” D  


'65-'69 Gibson B-25 Soft shell Case
1965-1969 Gibson B-25 soft shell case, all orginal latches and hinges. All original leather handle, overall this case is in very good condition. There is some tearing to the exterior of the case on the top near the headstock area, but nothing that will be detrimental to the storage of your guitar. The interior is also in very good condition. There is a minor tear at the bottom bout where the strap button would be. The storage compartment flap is still in tact with no signs of tearing. The interior holds no rips, stains, or unpleasant odors. This case is a great way to protect your play at home B-25.


Late 1940's Gibson J-45, J-50 Case
A Gibson case by Lifton from the late 1940's. All of the original latches are in place and functional, as well as all of the original case feet and the original handle. The original brown tolex is in excellent shape with only minor wear, apart from a bit of slight scratching and seperation around the bottom bout of the case. The dark red interior is in perfect condition with no tears, scratches, snags or stains, with no funny smells. The original Lifton case badge is still in tact, and the case pocket cover is still firmly attached. This is a perfectly viable case that would make a great home for any vintage dreadnought sized guitar. 


J200, L5 Brown Case
A Gibson J200 brown case from 1948-1954 in good condition. This case will fit a J200, an L5, or other guitars with a 17 inch bout. All of the original latches are present and in good working condition, as well as the original case feet and handle. The handle has been recovered in black electrical tap, and the brown covering is starting to peel slightly at the top of the case. The brown covering is in great shape, and the binding on the back is starting to separate a little. The interior of the case is in great shape with no rips, stains, or tears. It also maintains its lovely and unique bright green color. The Gibson star badge is missing from under the handle. Overall, it’s a very solid case that just needs a little TLC, but can still make a very viable home for your vintage investment. 

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