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Gibson J-45, J-50, Dreadnought Case
This Gibson case from 1957-1959 is for a J-45, J-50, or any other Dreadnought sized guitar, and is in decent but worn condition. The original brown covering is present with little discoloration, though it shows moderate to heavy all over the exterior. The edges of the case are pulling away, mostly around the corners of the top half of the case. The bottom piece of wood o the case is slightly exposed and is starting to pull away from the case. The original handle is firmly attached and in good working condition, as are all of the original latches and case feet. The hinges are present, but have come apart from the top half of the case. The pink interior is still bright and the interior lining is still attached, though it shows a few moderate stains and other wear consistent with the age of the case. This case is perfect for parts to restore a more complete case, or to be used as a display piece, restoration project, or just to keep your old acoustic safe while it’s in storage.


Vintage Original Storage Lid for Gibson Case
This storage flap came out of a vintage Gibson Case and is in EXCELLENT CONDITION,  It measures 5 3/4" by 2 3/4-3" (not a perfect rectangle), has the original Gibson badge,  and is still a vibrant red.  Make your vintage Gibson case complete today with this guy!


Vintage Original 59' 225 Soft shell Case
This Gibson case is for an ES-225, 330, and 335 from 1959 and is in listed in good condition. The gator skin exterior of the case shows little to moderate wear, consistent with age with one notable spot on the lower bout where a piece of the case cover has worn off.  Three of the original latches and both hinges are firmly attached and in good working order.  The latch at the bottom has nothing to clasp onto with the lid piece missing.  The Bakelite handle is still in great shape and holds masterfully.   The brown felt interior is pretty clean with no rips, tears, major stains, or funny smells though it has worn in places.  The original storage is mostly missing, but could be replaced with a few pieces. This 50's case is perfect for display in your collection, or for keeping your nice 60's acoustic safe when not on the move. Don’t miss this case!      Dimensions: Length: 42” Depth:  4” Upper Bout: 11.5” Lower Bout: 17”


Les Paul Case
A Gibson case from 1969 for a Les Paul in excellent condition. There is minor to moderate wear on the exterior, and all of the original latches, hinges, and case feet are present and in good working condition, as well as the original handle. The interior shows only a small amount of wear, consistent with the age of this case. There is a small tear near where the head stock of the guitar would rest, but the rest of the lining still has its vibrant color, with no stains or funny smells. This is still a viable case for your 60’s Les Paul; don’t miss out on this cool collectible piece! 


Vintage Original 60's Firebird Case
This Gibson Firebird case from 63’-64’ is in Very GOOD condition. Two of the latches are missing their clasps, but all the feet are functional and all feet are present. The original handle is there and feels strong enough to carry this guy around loaded. The outer covering shows minor wear with only a few nicks in the vinyl. Most of the stitching is still in tact. This case’s 4 original hinges continue to hold it together nicely.  The interior is in fantastic aesthetic condition with no rips or tears, a few tiny stains, and no funny smells. The neck rest has a large spot where the carpet has worn off completely, but is a piece that could be replaced.  The wooden framing around the storage area is no longer being held together, but nothing that cannot be restored with a little TLC and a couple of furniture nails. The yellow lining is still vibrant and shows next to no discoloration. The original storage area cover is firmly attached, and in excellent condition as well. Overall this case is in awesome shape and would make a fantastic and viable home for your 60's Firebird! Dimensions:     44” L ,  14 ¼” W,   3” D  

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