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1957 Fender Stratocaster Trem with arm and Inertia Block
1957 Fender Stratocaster Trem with arm and Inertia Block, in exceptional cosmetic condition with wear that is to be expected at this age, includes trem arm. 


Telecaster Bridge
 A vintage Fender Telecaster Bridge and saddles form 1959 in very good condition. The bridge and all of the saddles are structurally sound and in good working condition, though two of the saddles show to moderate to heavy rust. The bridge itself shows some wear and dirt, but could easily be cleaned up. Overall the bridge itself is in good condition and sure to be a suitable replacement or bridge for a rebuild project.


1950's Fender Telecaster Saddles, Screws and Springs
1950's Fender Telecaster Saddles, Screws and Springs, includes 3 barrel style saddles, 2 screw and 2 springs, excellent condition wit hminimal corrosion in the screws and springs.


Bridge Saddles
1950's Fender bridge saddles for a telecaster in excellent condition. Includes height adjustment screws, the saddles, and two of the intination screws and springs are there, but one the intination adjustment screw and spring.


Fender Tremolo Springs
A set of four tremolo springs by Fender from 1959. Two of the springs show some moderate wear, but all are still functional and perfect for your 50's Stratocaster or Telecaster. 

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