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Steel String Guitar book
For anyone interested in the construction of things,this book 1974 is an amazing insight into the acoustic guitar.Includes a short and sweet intro on it's origin,some popular models of the day,and a plethora of pictures depicting how one is made,helping you to make your own!Really great gift for anyone who loves acoustic guitar.No markings inside were found,some normal wear on the front and back cover.


Baxter's Guitar Workshop book
This book was put together as not only a practical instruction manual for guitar,but also a scrapbook of the 1974 CBS series by the same name.Bob Baxter,every week for 13 weeks,would have a special guest guitarist.With the audience and cameras in a semi-circle around them it had a very communal feel.This book enlightens us who haven't seen the program to the wisdom of performers like Ry Cooder,Doc Watson,Linda Ronstadt,Clarence White and many others.Cool book,great pictures,with both standard notation and guitar tab to learn from.


1939 Hilo Bay Sheet Music
This vintage sheet music has tips for playing, including a few words about accidentals. Great early Gibson ad on the back and a cool song!


1959 Hohner Harmonica how-to book
This little book gives you the easy method for beginners,very easy to read sheet music,and a piece of history.Really great condition,near mint,might have the original store stamp on the back cover.

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