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Fender JBL D120F Speaker
Vintage 60's Fender JBL D120F 12" Speaker, in excellent condition.


1997 Celestion T1221 G12M
1997 Celestion T1221 Greenback G12M Made in England, this speaker is in excellent codition. Chassis code 18GA, speaker cone reads WHF5278. 20Watts, 15ohms, 75C/S


2 JBL E110-8 Speakers
2 JBL E110-8 Speakers in excellent condition, rated at 8ohms, perfect for guitar cabinets or hifi systems.

94' Celestion G-12H 30w 30 ohms
These 2 speakers are from 1994 and in pristine condition.  They are CLEAN and All Original! The information plate is very clear and shows that they are 30W and 8Ω.    The bass resonance is 75 c/s and it was proudly made in England by Celestion.


1996 Celestion G12M Speakers
Vox Celestion G12M speaker pair that dates to March 8th, 1996. Like new with original magnet covers that are very clean with no marks or cracks. Original cones in great shape with ID numbers easily visible. Contacts have never been sautered and there is no rust or corrosion. Each speaker is 25 watts, 8 OHMS, 75 Hz, Perfect for independent amp makers or your next project. Buy them now!

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