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Single Button Footswitch
 A vintage Fender single button footswitch from 1959 in excellent condition. There is minor wear on the top of the button, and the button itself still functions normally. The cable is firmly attached with no splices, repairs or damage. The jack is also firmly attached and undamaged. 


1964 Fender Strap
Fender Electric Guitar Strap, exceptional condition overall with the exception being a tear in the button hole on the lower side. Stitching is white and clean and back pad shows only moderate wear. Fender buckle is clean with a nice patina. Great piece of case candy for your 60's Fender. 


Vintage Gibson Instrument Polish Bottle
 A vintage Gibson instrument polish bottle. The bottle is in good shape but contains no actual polish. Perfect for case candy, decoration, or just admiring a piece of Gibson history!


Vintage Original 1940s Nickel Lap Steel Tone Bar
A tone bar by Oahu for lap and pedal steels from the 1940's. Shows moderate wear from usage, and has engraved diamonds for grip.


Original 61' NOS Head To Cabinet Cable
A vintage original new old stock Fender head to cabinet cord.  There are multiple in stock from 1961, in EXCELLENT condition, and made for the Bassman, Tremolux, and Bandmaster models ect.  Don't miss out!  Get yours today!

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